Twilight filled with bitter cold
Shadows descend over the hills
The earth succumbs to night’s obscurity
The moon’s radiance falls heavy on the trees

Enthralled in the majesty of open nothing
I walked the plains of the snowy oblivion
Unable to make out what lies ahead
I journeyed onward into the gale

Dark and ancient skies loomed above
No stars could be seen through the impenetrable storm
Demonic shrieks echoed through the snow
Forgotten apparitions glowed red in the distance

As I ventured out, they vanished into the abyss
And reappeared in the depths of my mind
They existed in the channels of my mind for centuries
And uttered spells predicting my forthcoming

They reiterated what I had known for ages (or so it
That my fate was to be found somewhere in this storm
They spoke of my end for what seemed a lifetime
And haunted the halls of thought with their

There were times when I questioned my ability to

I let myself go and slipped into the Hellish cold
I listened to invocations being made on the winds
I heard the ghastly tales of my mortal end
And gained pleasure from their icy chants

Suddenly the winds bayed in a depressing agony
The incantations made from wandering voices ceased
The lord of the storms groaned and departed
The storm receded and I was left in isolation

All was left in an icy shell
All was left in Blue Hell
Times end thus manifested into my own

The winds pick up
Dark clouds move in
Time elapses
...and shadows descend