And time stopped
And time uncloaked
Gates unlocked
Guns unloaded
Windows shattered
Departure stopped
Arrival rots
Triangular fill
Life is nil
Descending still
Time is still
And time stopped
And time stopped again

Sleeping close to death
I am staring through the tunnel
Calm and at ease with that which kills me
His hands let go of my soul

Take what is needed for the pain
Mental anguish and autumn showers
My skin crawls soft, my eyes hold dim
The Pharaoh�s arrow strikes below my chin

Staring into time
I go to laugh, but cry
Emotion runs tenfold, but shallow
My words spoken lightly seem empty and hollow

Falling back to the earth
I am sucked into the vortex of afterbirth
White compressed hell- encompassing shell
My heart beats slowly and soon it ends