Blessed are the disciples of Fire and Earth
for they shall awaken to the Coming
Blessed are the dying and diseased
for they alone have foreseen greatness
Blessed are the depraved and corrupt
for it is they who cast the Light of contrast
Blessed are the tormented and plagued
for the Black Bile drips from their chins

Blessed is he who blindly follows
as Man could never fathom greatness
Blessed is he who seeks greater knowledge
as knowledge from His mouth vomits
Blessed is he who denies Humanity
as Human is nothing beyond the mask of failure
Blessed is he who stokes the Fire
for the Mouth requires warmth within its antechambers

Blessed is the keeper of all things obscure
for hidden arts are thus hidden to remain
Blessed is the corrupter of his fellow Man
for the masses are to understand despair alone
Blessed is the devotee who suffers the course
for anguish is akin to absolute understanding
Blessed is the subversive to Heaven, pure
for the Seditious shall conquer forever unheeded.