I’ve been reading what they say in the news
Hoping that I hear back from you
I wrote you this letter of explanation
A look at things from my point of view

It’s a matter of supply and demand
Field research and capital gains
Success is just a product of sex and money
I’ve got the looks; they’ve got the brains

It’s a necessary part of the job
Get maybe just a little involved
But most of our dealings were strictly business
I just wanted to know

If’ you’re okay and it’s all right

Everybody’s talking about
Who’s with who and who’s making out
Wouldn’t we be better off making music
Instead of all this sleeping around?

‘Cause everyone here has a mistress
It’s such a dirty business
If we put our heads together
The songs will live forever
I gotta get out of this hell-hole
I’m packing my things and I’m coming home

You’re okay and it’s alright
You’re okay, is this alright,
if I put my hand on your thigh?

But if it’s okay then it’s alright with me.