Finally the reason triumphed against the dogmas of faith
A mark of victory
An example to be followed
Someone throw down the empire of the Christians
And now others will be encouraged to do so
Come on legions of pagans warriors
It is our time to show the light for the world
To propagate our knowledge and wisdom
The Good news now are coming

It�s a new age that begins
Where no more lies will impede the advance of the human kind
So much time was already lost
Too many years of pure illusion
Illusion that already coasted so many lives

There�s no what to fear
Together we will keep fighting
Is time to give our last and eternal

Wake up today with pride
We are warriors that fought for our ideas
And this is only the beginning

All the populace under domination will do your eternal scream of freedom
Take your weapons and go fight
Die whit honor, no more in shame.