Messages hidden by forces forbidden
Don�t speak of the devil, we�re demons ourselves
Evil in lyrics, subject for critics
Don�t play this one backwards, the story it tells

I don�t believe in a god
How can I believe in a devil
Messages backwards in songs?
Are you not backwards yourself!

Tell you some more lies, like we are the bad guys
We�re out to deceive you, cast a spell
Read between the lines, who�s entering your mind?
According to them, you don�t have one yourself


Mark my words, who�s trying to influence the youth
One man is just one opinion, who�s telling you the truth

They don�t submit to reason, blinded by prejudice
Call it parental advisory, I call it injustice
Censorship boards just never seem to rest
Don�t ask me, I think they�re the ones possessed


I dont believe in a god
I dont believe in a god.