The burning holy symbols
By the devil´s breath
The stolen sons
By the touch of death
The penalties of heaven
And the jokes of hell

Dark prophecies warned human being
To wait for the time of the chosen one
Who would bring the cure to all the human´s ills
Destroying everything and from the ashes reborn

The empire of his father, an empire of blood
Built with skulls and supported by blood

The mark is on you now
Don´t deny your fate
The number in your front
Is the path that wait
The son of all that´s wrong
The father of god´s mistake

The dark cheap is ready for the sacrifice
Belial laughing sucking sources of life
For both sides, feeding on their souls
The support, the wine, the everything

And the blood is just the beginning
That will end with the souls

The roads to hell
The souls to sell
The bullshits of the
Tales they tell
The games you play
The lies they say
The earth is the
Burning hell