Watching the sunset
Burning in flames
Hiding in shadows
Crying in pain
The last second
Of an unbroken chain
Dissolving blood bonds
Twisted by fate

All my life passing
Before my eyes
The last torment
Before you die
The birth of a sin
Pieces of games
Truths hiding lies
Hallowed be the shame

Disciples of a vain philosophy
Disciples of lies
Disciples of a fallen world
Disciples of crimes

The daemons are inside of you
Your god is dead
The fear, the greed and hate
The reasons to be dead

Catching the rainfall
Healing my wounds
Hearing the death call
No way to cure
Spots in my soul
Worms in my flesh
Praying the end to come
And for what comes next

No hell nor heavens
Torment is here
Wandering in madness
Nothing is what it seens

Numb for sadness
Suffocated by the air
Unblind eyes by pain
The beginning is the end