Forgive Us

Forgive us I beg you mother earth, we treat you like a whore
Exploiting all the goods from your womb
And still we ask for more
Infected like an apple full of worms
We�re digging in your guts
And after we obtain what we want we leave you there to rot

The warning came far to late, she�s accepted her fate
It�s all over now
Years of plundering took her breath
Slowly she awaits her death
Oh please forgive us
What will it take, when will we see
We�re heading for catastrophe

Forgive us I beg you mother earth, for the waste we dump
Our entire world will become a radioactive swamp
Continuous disposal of our fumes darken the skies
And while we slowly suffocate, we still don�t realize


Death in the woods, death in the sea
Death in the air and it�s killing me

Forgive us I beg you mother earth as we dispose of you
To live on distant planets, now I guess that we are through
In you final hours I say you farewell
Once given to us a paradise, we turned you into hell.