Kicked From Both Sides

Cold wind strikes hard in my face, I never felt so lost before
We�re on the beach now, evacuate, leave the blood red shore
I�ve seen men fight with sticks and stones
Being devastated by our bombs
They kept on falling one by one and I couldn�t look no more

Turn in disgust. All is lost. I wonder why
Why this sacrifice for a hand full of lies
We�re kicked from both sides

Raging in with flags held high, we thought we were invincible
Condemned to fail and left to die, we never know at all
Now pay the price for arrogance, drown in all the violence
Who still believes in innocence, now death�s taken it�s toll


Set my eyes upon the world, the war is lost all efforts failed
Disillusioned now I see what we came to be
Fight for justice, fight for peace
Rape and murder, spread disease
All we did was to raise the hate, to be criticized: our fate

Turn my head for a final glance
Tears fall from my staring eyes
I really thought we had a chance, believed in all those lies
Now I�ve lost my faith and confidence, the politicians ignorance
Seems to be his best defense, we�re kicked from both sides

Turn in disgust. All is lost
Turn in disgust. All is lost.