The roads to hell
The tales to tell
The fallen angel and the killed lamb
Forever drowning in the quicksand

Chased for all sides
Hunting our minds
Resign your soul for who you belong
The good and evil getting more strong

Choose your path before you live your crimes
Face the enemy living in the other side
Cry your tears when you feel you´re not alone
Inside yourself, the always-living clone

Children of a history of domination
Children of world of alienation
Sons of a matrimony of condemnations
Keep filling the world of all it´s damnations

The hate of hell
The lies they tell
Your own putrid world is the hell you search
The starving lambs still wait their sacrifice

Chased for all sides
You have no life
If you always serve someone you don´t have to think
So let they take your mind away and let the world sink

If you can´t think, you´re dead
If you can´t fight, you´re dead
And the world is full of living-deads
Ressurection means cultural erection

Swallow the dogmas and vomit your own thoughts
Swallow your hate when you wake and see it all
Swallow quiet and alone, there´s no one to follow
But the fire starts to burn with the giants of stone

When a new fever comes to take more millions free-will
You will see millions of living deads in the streets
But some will ressurect and spit in their leash
And a world of fire shall wake all the deads

It´s better to rule in hell than is to serve in heaven
It´s better to know the truth than is ignorance in bliss