Feeding on my rage
Enchained in this cage
Is this the end of my life?

Increasing day by day
Forgeting yesterday
How to pay for my crimes?

Letting behind the warm of my life
Entering in the world of crimes
Waiting and Waiting for my last time
Waiting for revenge

Forsaken by the world
In the end of road
Evil is calling me back

To my past life
Living ain’t no crime
The beast is ready to atack

I’ll be back, so wait for me
I’ll return, your life I’ll lead
Now your life belongs to me
I’ll hear your last breath
Your destiny belongs to me
My revenge will set me free

Now I returned
Left behind that cage
That gave nothing for me

That’s what it takes
To be an assassin
Worse than when I came in

Now in my black heart
Is only the revenge
And it’s going to start

Don’t be on my way
I’m on my bad day
The animal roar deep inside