Beneath the veil of our fears
Beyond the horizons of life
Eternal nighttime shall come
The worst enemy is the time

Soul are crying for mercy
It’s hard to accept the cruel fate
He is waiting for everyone
In the time he’ll never be late

Pay to cross the river of death
Pray to your god not to forget
You there in the sail of charon

There’s no way to escape
The bone hands of death in your arm
Crossing the river of life
The first chapter is over

Now in the river of death
Sailing far beyond the life
Looking behind all that lie
Discover how little you are

Pay to cross the river of death
Pain to know not before
You were always in the sail of charon

Angels and demons
The good and the evil
The chess played between
Satan and god

You know not but you
Are part of this game
A piece can be lost
Just as your life

And in the Charon’s Sail
All the things you’ve failed
Means more than you think
Maybe all you could have
And the dreams left behind
Your only fucking chance to be

Nightmares and dreams
Voices and screams
No one can win
This endless game

Now you know but you
Nothing can do
Against cruel fate
Just understand

Pay to cross the river of death
Pay to go where there’s no come back
To know what’s there outside life