Wake up dead with the curse of the beast
An eternal pain is now forever with you
The beast is free and all the devils unleashed
It’s the nightmare time when you never awake

Forget what you were before
Soon you’ll know what you are
Now you’re in the chase for the blood
And the road to hell is your road

Son of the darkness
Explore your internal evil
Find out what makes you feel impure
And then, cure your pain
Become good despite of yourself

Fight against your instincts
Get the main road

It looks insane but there’s no heart beat in your breast
It’s all insane that the world is rulled by them
Now you’re behind the mask that protects all you see
To the world not insane that hides behind the true

Your existence will never be the same
And now you’re a hunter of the preys
What once you were before you must kill
And hunger for the blood is your will

The crime of caim is your legacy
Forgive me to pass you this curse
To think about this you have the eternaty
We do not decide if we have the chance

But you’ll never be alone, i’ll be by your side
We’re united for the blood for all our no-life

Follow me, neonate, i’ll show all you can do
Get used with the dark you’ll never see the light again
The light of day can burn all of our impure flesh
Forever in the dark, we’ll know the things that have no name

You must serve your race to build up our empire
Realize now, forever you’ll be a vampire