The dark seed of evil is growing
Into the hearts of the men
Is roaring, is taking, is feeding
Our minds and it’s power is brutal

The beast within our hearts
Will set free our desires inside
Will increase, will emerge
Will let us to live upon our own fate

It lies sleeping deep inside of our souls
Waiting it’s time to strike
It’s roaring, It’s asking for freedom
The key for it’s cage in our minds

The beast within will appear
To everyone in their deepest dreams
Will strike, will explode
Destroy everything with it’s breath

Each moment it’s asking for food
The rage make it’s angry improve

There is no way to fight
Howling it’s song to moonlight
The killer instinct that lies
Inside of our hearts inner bright

Crying to moon is our minds
Wanting to keep it inside

The evil that live inside of us all
Is Imersed in the sea of lies
Kept down in the veil of our fears