There’s a vulture in the sky
Flying over my head
It’s waiting for my time
It’s wings over me spread
How don’t i have seen yet
That he was always there
Since mother life i met
’till now when i met my death

There’s a vulture in my mind
Waiting for my death
The reason to live i can’t find
Since the vulture is there
Bringing me near to death
How can life be so unfair?

The vulture is still in the sky
He’ll never leave me alone
The joy of living is a lie
Beneath all this are the bones
The only thing that remains
After the flesh that fed
The struggle, all was in vain
The will of the vulture’s my tread

Chasing preys that can’t run
Burning heads in the sun
Waiting just for your turn
The vulture will always be there
Life’s just a countdown to death
Flesh is the vulture’s path