Under a bleeding moon
Daring to look to it´s light
Science and magika soons
Satan is waiting your souls
The only truth is what they say
Don´t ever question it´s ways
Witches and creatures of night
Forever being burned in hell

Hellraised abominations from dust reborn
Hungry for flesh thirst for revenge
Taking to ashes the punisher fathers
Fate is playing tricks, brave new world will burn

Where is your lord
To save now your soul?
Is he the same
In whose name the fire was burnt?

Under a bleeding new moon
Daring to do what you want
Creatures reborn from moonlight
Now it´s your time for revenge
Politicians and preachens screaming
Going to dust with their laws
Forsaken by the words of their gods
Imersed in the fear they once caused

Blindness, ignorance, hypocrisy
Things we´ll fight with our all hate
World of chaos, world of shit, world of lies
We´re the children you help to create