Rage, feed my laugh
Pain, feed my wills
Lust, be my life
Screams, be my song

The death is the only way out
My sins are your legacy
In my sea of sin you shall sink
And all your blood I shall drink

Food I’ve got in my home
Death is only my courtesy
Pain is the food you pay back
The impaler, I am

Poors, pay the price
Serves, be my fun
Mortals, chocke to see
Fate, surrender on me

What is right and what is not?
Live forever or die in youth?
’Cause if the goods die young,
Be evil worst more to live

Now tell me who is the dump
The blind worms I kill
Or the without souls like me
Forever living for the blood

’Cause soul is just a ilusion
The price I pay to my god
The only one that pays back
And do the things I deserve