satanic possession, writhing and cursing
mass hallucination, demonic encounter
speak in toungues unknown to men
fullmoon rites, of blood and semen

crawl to your cross and die, you filth
worthless priest of a weakling god
your concration belongs to me now
ursoline nuns, whores of satan

witchcraft and heresy, horror and blasphemy
welcome to the possession theater
evil spells and sorcery, sin, and sodomy
welcome loudun 1633

diseases spreading plague and smallpox
pest eats away through your skin into your brain
vile stink of vomit and hot a pressuring
the smell of death, putrid stench every where

blood and smoke, plague and death
welcome to the possession theater
pain and suffering hate and disbelief
hail the grandicur, loudum 1633

death recapts the population
where is your shepard now
the sun rises strangely dim today
blackened by smoke rising
from the ruins of the town church

true rebellion