Under a vaginal fullmoon,
Fecund and exciting.
Into a luxuriant forest,
I commit myself to satan.
In the crossroads of nowhere,
Between sukubus’ open legs,
I forget my name, destroy my soul,
Swallowing the blood of lilith.
Beyond the fires of hell,
Full of a secular hate,
I’m telling the satanic words,
Spreading forbidden knowledge.

Deeply, madly, ugly...
Impaled by urethra !
I am possessed by him...
Impaled by urethra...
Higher level of suffering...
Impaled by urethra !

Sodomized by rusty pieces of metal.
Satanized, my body’s turning to iron.
Sanctified from my deepest intimacy.
Inner pain, i feel my cock becoming steel.
Scares of lust, the devil is inside my flesh.
Stigmata, i’m impaled by urethra.

Sick, sick, sick !
Six, six, six !
Satanic !
Surgery !

Blood on my balls and my cock,
Cum inside lilith’s mouth.
Masochistic depravation.
Enjoy this orgasmic sensation.
My pain is so unbearable,
But my mortal life so miserable.
Time has come to serve
The horny creatures of the night.