I, I, I am the MAN,
Eh Steven, (timely)
Genius a sixteen, (how u know so?)
Yow a di teacher, sell more hits da Springstein,
Big Ship (sailing)
Adidjaheim (rolling)
World Wide...

My style is fresh, no preservatives, no additives,
Zero percent fat, protein,
Iron, no calories,
Simple my mother goose melodies, too much of them inna di business,
Mi kill dem with lyrics,
Yeh this is, Adidja the Teacher on the premises,
Any man say him is fi mi Arch nemisis,
You will b the first like Genesis to decorate the new cemetries,
Bare gal a send me text messages,
Ninety percent gi mi pussies and breastses,
Ten say in hell mi fi burn like effigies,
(Ready or not here I cum, u can`t hide), like the refugees,
(Kool or die) like the Kennedys,
Sum bwoy wash up like what a shipwreckage is,
Bet it is people a write dem lyrics an dem act TUFF,
Mi c through dem like negatives,
They ain`t outlaws, dem a In-laws like my girlfrenz relatives,
Memba Adidja di teacha di girl dem a feature di gangsta wid all a di remedies

Ey,Addi, Addi, Addi, a choo u nuh know,
U words hypnotize me from head to toe,
(an me picture me an u doin it slow)
Ey Me ave a man but me`d a fuck u tho,
(me know)
Addi, Addi, Addi, a choo u nuh know,
U words hypnotize me from head to toe,
(an me picture me an u doin it slow)
Teacha how mi luv u so?

Dese guys show no improvement,
Dem a try tek my pattern but dem only master mi hairstyle an mi hand movement
In comparison to teacha, dem a just F rate student,
Better dem go back to selecting quick quick,
An stop pick pick mi style like foul,
Choo it nuff like di ants at di picnic,
Mi roll wid a sick lik whe walk anywhe saturday evening woah,
Life pon di hipstrip, all pon di skool trip,
Run out like Movado wid a full clip,
Bwoy hol’ a deep sleep, inna deep freeze like whe di red bull keep,
My style,
Flow like di ocean, so it match bigship,
Not even the art of the evil knievel can hurt u,
U leadin di people wid eyes of an eagle,mi certain,
Nuh guess ting,
Yes king, girls just find we intresting,
Any bwoi badman mi money investing dem a asshole wit di intestine,
But choo is our werl fi him girl is our girl


Baby Girl
Kartel mi know mi married but mi still want yuh body,
Don’t tink mi wild mi just cyan refuse yuh Addi,
Mi husband a student mi have him lock already,
An him naw feel nuh way if di teacha get di glammy,
Hussy gimmi it nice,
Him gimmi it hot,
But mi cyan satisfy til mi get Addi cock,

From front an back,
Rotate an revolve like di werl,
Ey how u luv me so baby girl?