Deep inside there’s nothing there,
the only thing I think with, truth is
it’s not my brain but in my pants,
quite insane.
And I swear, I’m not crying, there must
be something in my eye. My mind is fading
like i’m watching something die.

and it’s about time to walk this fine line
it’s a hard job working 9 to 5
Fuck what I’m saying so stop your complaining
saying "it’s hard to tell what this song’s containing"

pa pa pa pixy styx and.... crack
You can just sit back and re-lax.

Chew me up and spit me out then stick a fork in me,
cos much like your steak i’m done, the only difference being
I take less time to cook cos its already lost its fun.
When does it start? Or better yet when does it end?
Cos i’m spent