Time is running
brain is leaking
out of my skull

I know i’m singing slower,
it should be meaningful

would you like a cup of tea sir?
It has no taste at all

You know the higher that you stack them, then the harder they fall

I’ve been loved
yeah i’ve been loved before
Yeah I’ve been loved

I’m the only one who knows I need to stop
from my beats to my vox I still can’t bring the rock
you know I cant sing
you know I cant rap
I know that right after you buy this you will
want your cash back

are you sick of trying to make it?
walk away cos we’re not worth it

I keep on doing my best to
stay above the rest
but compared to others I will always be second best
maybe you should try and put this record to the test
I’m musically intolerant
i just can’t digest