Could someone tell me who this is all for
And why I’m on the mirrors edge running on walls for?
20 biddies, one of Vizzy, this shit is uncalled for
But that girl with the ponytail she roll with the dark horse
And I deserve it, all my life I worked hard for
Them other cats ain’t going in
That shit is soft porn
I overcame obstacles like Parkour
And if I got off course it’s only cause my banking is off shore
Now I ask for dutches they give me double like jumping rope
Never been a virgin cause I was always fucking dope
Doing something different I’m getting in convertibles
And I don’t spend a thing, so why I do feel vertigo
I’ll be in the cut, tell them girls let’s get surgical
Farenheit for 51, that paper we just burning through
Create money for me to cremate money, I earn it too
Do this look like work to you?

Looking at the lights like is all of this for me?
Everyone the night is here, all of this for me
Hands in the air yeah, all of this for me
Bottles over here, all of this for me
All of this for me (for me)
All of this for me (for me)
Life fast, lights flash
All of this for me
All of this for me (for me)
All of this for me (for me)
Models bringing bottles
Yeah, all of this for me

[Cyhi Da Prynce:]
You foreal, all of this for me?
Pussy and the harlem weed, all of this for free?
We ball hogging like we balling for the heat
I did it first for passion, man this shit least cost a G
Warner Brother TIG, turn this bitch to Dawsons creek
Poppa Johns with the bread cause we in here tossing cheese
Used to be broke as hell so I had to drop the streets
Till I got saved by them bells like I walk a harder street
Come and get your bitch cause your dog is off the leash
Cause we know how to party man, they call us Boston Tea
Plus I’m in an outfit that’s as sharp as Jaws’ teeth
Snuck my Rose out the club, what you think these bottles cheap?
With a model, they call me baby Motown and Monique
Niggas say I’m outta shape, cause my pockets is obese
I don’t care that’s your girl, all these bars in here are free
Don’t make me pull my horns out like I’m flexing my obliques


Hermes belt with a H buckle
Beige bubble, stopping at her waist as she waits for you
Stray bubble but her quiet storm like a tre muffle
Age double, no forgetting money and straight hustle
Fake muscles get you a off day
Denim shirt be from All Saints
Sleeves rolled I’m in beastmode
Don’t get your boys spent
30 and your broads stank
Got money from all banks
Check clear, okay
Leave, tell em all thanks
Baking a tall cake, I’m a need me a war safe
Mention got 4 gates, 3 pools and a small lake
Quick to get it on time, I never call late
Shorty crashed the car, she called me before all state
Are you GBY, seagul when you see me fly
Helicopters peedi pie, Aston Martins DB9
We ballin’ can’t you see
Different cars at one time
I’m like all of this for me?


[Erin Christine:]
Now wait a minute, raise ya glass
Let’s toast to the, toast to the past
Lights flash, let’s be honest
And take all of this for me
Yeah this shit was all I knew
You and me only
You take this all for me
Baby don’t you see
A-a-all of this for me