Watch your TV and kill your brain.
Drink your beer and point the blame.
Smoke your cigarettes down to the stubs.
Getting trashed like a bunch of slobs.
You complain about the government and everything they say,
But don’t you realize with your Anheuser Busch and Phillip Morris you’re buying in?

Go to school, go to work, go to sleep, pay your rent.
Don’t you see you’re turning out like your parents?
Go to college, get a job, and buy a house and drive a car.
If you’re lucky take your revolution and addictions along.
Have your life with all your thrills pay your taxes pay your bills.
Put yourself deeper into the grave.
Buy the shit that you don’t need. Plant the corporate seed.
Can’t you see you’re keeping yourself enslaved?

Well I don’t want to be part of your hypocrisy.
Cause I don’t wanna support the things I say I hate,
cause that would make a hypocrite out of me.

See the protesters standing on the street, said they’re fighting against global warming.
Then they jump into their cars and they drive away, I guess it’s alright to support the things you say you hate.
I see the abortion doctors laying there in their blood, I hear the Christians screaming out "Well it’s gods love".
We’ve got the peace-keeping missiles for fear, cause were fighting this war on terrorism.

You want the world to change, but you’re going to stay the same.
You can’t expect anything in a world full of apathy.

Like in the famous words of Gandhi, "be the change in this world that you want to see" The revolution doesn’t start with your neighbor, the revolution starts with me.
Without the government, without the legislation, without the senate hearings without conglomerations, without the congress man or womyn, without the lobbyist, without the house or representatives, or the president. Without governor, mayor, school board or police, state or county jurisdiction, without your family.
Cause this revolution starts with me.
Cause I’ve got to be the change that I want to see.
And this revolution starts with me,
Cause I’ve got to be the change that I want to see.