Well, I’ve seen these friends, they’ve come and gone.
I watched their X’s fade when sobriety lacked being fun.
They made a choice and a commitment, to forever remain drug free, for themselves, their family’s their friends.

Even with Straight Edge tattooed across your chest,
the ink under your skin is the only thing remaining true till death.
You sold yourself like it was a fucking trend.
Now you’ve turned your back, so for us this is the end.

What does it feel like to be the person you said you hate?
And how do you deal with it every single day?
And I can’t understand why you made the fucking change.
but now you’ve turned your back on everything.

People say to me, "lighten up, it’s a personal choice."
That’s where I shake my head and I raise my voice.
How can you say that this means nothing?
I’ll show you why I forever remain Drug Free.

For every person killed by a drunk driver,
I remain Straight Edge.
And for every kid beaten by his alcoholic father,
I made this commitment for them
And for every home torn apart by a drug addict.
I remain Straight Edge.
And for every rape and molestation.
I remain Straight Edge.
I remain Straight Edge.
You turned your back on them, for that I will never forget.
You turned your back on the countless victims, for that your guilty.