When i when you cry
When i walk you away
When you said you’re ok
But you’re really sleepy

When i waltz you home
To a pillow of grass
When you lost your sense
And miss the compass

When i broke all the windows
And jumped in the ocean
When you dreamed of me
As a hard-hearted droid
When i spilled all the milk
From untouched maiden’s breasts
When i ruined our works of witchcraft

When you said ok
We can try later on
And i bellowed in pain
All the words i don´t know
When i when you go
And leave me alone
All the creatures you know
They laugh
Their revenge

When i showed all my wounds
To the nurse at the infirmary
She said son whant can i get to ease your pain
You know when a nurse says this it means you’ve got both feet in the grave
It means you’re dead
I’m dead.