See the great Valdez (foul deeds) of Exxon sail along so proud.
As a reef from out of nowhere penatrates her mighty bow.
And the hell slick reaches out to greet all creatures great and small.
And the hunger of big money has no sympathy at all.
Mighty Presidents of Exxon, my fist goes out to you.
May bizzare nightmares be plenty, and your sleeping hours few.

Now you’ve blackened all our waters. You’ve finished all our whales.
But the only thing that worries you is gasoline sales.
My friends up in Alaska are reaching out to you, but the only thing
you tell them is there’s nothing you can do.
You reap the heavy profits, you put it in the banks.
Relying on us good old boys who have to fill our tanks.

When they sought your mighty Captain, he could not be found.
He wasn’t on the bridge when this whole damn thing went down.
But they pushed the Valdez onwards through the darkness and
the gloom. Nobody paid attention so the tanker met her doom.
Step back now mighty Exxon, open your eyes and then you’ll see.
You’re pushin’ tankers through pure waters to the pipe that
shouldn’t be.