Taste leaves, lay low. but it’s the dirt you want, a grinning Mouth of mud
Spectators come, the profane will watch,
And in a claque for show, put me in the show
If i hope we’re done, then can i get home,
But it’s the closing night, meaning party time
Watch us drink to all, it’ll keep me involved,
It could turn out worse, when you’ve had enough
Sticking still sitting you’ll never come away with the thing That you hope, to safely know
And when you’re about to leave that state,
Take your meal and go, give me mouth to mouth,
I ran away with gold, that i knew you’d take,
And it’s so hard to be that good, i can’t behave with this one,
I came from the front, sit in the back and wait,
For it to turn out worse, and then they half it up.
We kept on, and it took the soul from us, and this is how we go
One more, is an attempt to force, show up, learn to drink alone
The proof’s awake, suddenly the rest are shapes, they’re Barely ignored
Why not, if that’s the girl, but still i know that i undersold