isn’t it something imagining the old things we revived, the lazy fun, retrained, unaltered in a way it was never gone,
with my last dollar i’ll eat right, in the company of the kindest people alive, that you’ll never know.
dreamless, sinking, even backlit now, you turn to call the group you miss.
take two of everything you used to own, papery lips now and all the hits.
energy got planted low, it’s gonna run straight off, and i’ve found that is the reason to go.
i want to walk with all my friends, their backs are straight, shoulders are up.
History’s imagining the better thing’s to sleep and die, the lazy fun, retrained, i’ve known it, just as always the bitter one...well you can carry me right through the company of the kindest people alive, you will never know.
if it’s down t’ me, i want t’ back away, just step back in the lane and rush ahead with the flames, crawling all around, awake and cold, this one’s for me, i’ve been caring much, take a weekend, hold in sun, the kind you won’t erase if you’re caring you want it, well at least keep it all up, you want t’ roll in the weeds now, come up t’ me, what did i ward off, when someone came up?, taught t’ waste your fears so abhorrently soft, and did you come here alone with two people or more, they’ll leave you running lonely retreating in song, and you’d still be one.