Time is running out, can’t you understand the end is coming near,
We gotta wake up fast, i don’t wanna fall, all because of someone
Else, decide your fate, they’ll fuck you in, burn above the line,
Destroy your suffering life, we cannot hide (?--) the walls are closing in,
You cannot breathe, there can’t be no cure when you bleed,
I’ve been to hell and back again, confronted lucifer..(?) i chose a side,
The end of jesus christ, how pathetic...(?) revenge of the devil,
I’ve seen the angels falling, i feel the pain is coming closing in,
I am the dead i’m crying, i see the devil, he’s smiling,
Of all the power of the mighty flames,
I am the only one that rules now, he’s got your soul,
You’ll lose your mind, it’s outta control, your gonna die,
The devil is pissed, i see the angels falling,
I feel the pain is coming closing in, i am the dead i’m crying...